Member Sports


For years now, our member’s sports programs have thrived with events happening on all levels from branches up to the Dominion Championships, including darts, and cribbage.


Through involvement on the local level, members are able to compete either as singles, doubles, or teams, depending on the sport.  Depending on their success, they may go on to compete at the provincial and national levels.


Upcoming sports events may be viewed on the events calendar.

Branch Sports Update

The Branch takes pride in its active sports programs.  There are a number of sports available to our members.  Members can choose a sport that reflects their interests and abilities.  Competitions in some sports are categorized into the regular and senior competition, in those sports where age may be an advantage.


Keep an eye out here for future branch sports updates including golf, horseshoes, and others.

Keep an eye out below for future sports updates including golf, horseshoes, and others.

Branch SportDay / DateTimeRemarks
Branch Golf (2024)2024 TBCTBCTBC
HorseshoesEvery Wednesday7:00 pmJune - August
EuchreEvery Tuesday6:30 pmAll Year
Pool & ShuffleboardEvery Tuesday1:00 pmSeptember - May
Games NightEvery Wednesday7:00 pmOctober - May
CribbageEvery 3rd Saturday12:30 pmSeptember - May
PepperEvery 4th Saturday12:30 pmSeptember - May

Upcoming Zone Sports Events

Zone Sports are competitions between our Legion and other Legion branches in our zone.  They are open to any Branch member in good standing with Branch 383.  The Zone deadline for receiving entries is normally 2 weeks prior to the event.  To assist with planning, the Sports Chair requires that a member signs up 3-4 weeks prior to the event.  All sign-up sheets and information are posted on the Sports Board in the Members’ Lounge at the Legion. If it’s easier, you may also contact the Sports Chair directly if you have any questions.

The following is a list of upcoming Zone Sports Events. The sign-up sheets are located at the Legion’s main hall.  This list will be populated as event details are known.

Zone Sports Schedule

SportRegister by DateEvent DateHosting Branch
Darts – Mixed Doubles / Mixed Teams13 October 202329 October 2023Wiarton, Br 208
Darts – Teams3 November 202319 November 2023Southampton, Br 155
Darts – Singles / Doubles10 November 202326 November 2023Owen Sound, Br 06
8-Ball23 December 20238 January 2024Owen Sound, Br 06
Euchre22 December 202314 January 2024Chatsworth, Br 464
Washer Toss19 April 20245 May 2024Tara, Br 383

Upcoming Provincial and Dominion Sports Calendars

(New Schedules to Follow when Available)

Provincial Sports Dates 2023 and 2024

Dominion Sports Dates 2023

* Stay tuned for 2024 dates.

* click on the schedule to enlarge.