Veteran Services

Veteran Services

One of the important responsibilities of the Legion branches is to assist veterans, their spouses and dependents.  Depending on circumstances, financial assistance may be available from either Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) or the Legion poppy trust fund.  Should you or someone you know, need assistance please call the Branch office at 519-934-9992 and leave your information so that the Branch Services Officer may get in though with you to discuss and recommend options.  You need not be a Legion member to take advantage of these services.

The Royal Canadian Legion has many support systems available for Veterans, and their immediate family. They can assist with financial responsibilities, as well as assisting Veterans in contacting Veterans Affairs Canada to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.

Veterans, Ex-Service Personnel and Dependants

Eligibility for benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has changed and new programs are offered under the New Veterans’ Charter.  This means you may now qualify for one or more of the following:

  • Disability pension or a lump sum award for disabilities related to service
  • Treatment benefits
  • War Veterans’ and widows’ allowance
  • Earning Loss Income, Supplementary Retirement Income, Extended Health Coverage, Educational Assistance, etc
  • Home assistance or help with the cost of care in nursing or retirement homes
  • Benevolent Fund assistance

Anyone wishing more assistance or information on the benefits should leave their name, address, and phone number with the Branch Secretary at 519-934-9992 so they may be contacted.

Our Services

The Royal Canadian Legion takes pride in assisting and caring for Canada’s service personnel. We specialize in working with Military Veterans and RCMP to address the unique needs of these populations, we work closely with Veteran’s Affairs Canada to care for these service members.